Donnie Dry Drunk



Above: Smug bastard who doesn’t know that what goes around comes around.

Also in this article is a neurological description of what sets him off. It is an exact description of the craving process in the brain of every addict who has ever lived. No wonder I have been saying this guy acts like a “dry drunk” — that is, an addict who doesn’t use but has no spiritual foundation/belief based on connection to something greater that him/her self.  A malignant narcissist is an extreme example of this, although, to quote the Big Book of AA, “he usually doesn’t think so.” According to Dr. William Silkworth, the physician who was there when AA founder Bill Wilson found a spiritual grounding, a dry drunk is “restless, irritable and discontent” all the time. Donnie is an alcoholic like his brother, but he doesn’t drink.

The Freudian psychodynamics of being the same as you were in the first grade are also obvious — stuck in the phallic stage.  He bragged about his cock in a debate on television, for Christ’s sake. He seemed to only want to become his father, who of course would never give him enough approval. Notice how you never hear his children say anything about their mothers in public? It’s as if they passed through them and became images of their father. Just like Donnie did.

© 2017 Joseph Galligan

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