Looks the Same But It’s Not

This is the Deschutes River (at Lower Whitehorse Rapids) in central Oregon. There are fish in here called “desert redband trout” (“redsides”)  that have been present in the river for thousands of years. What has happened to the river below the Pelton Dam  in the past 8-9 years is a very good example of what happens when large entities (PGE) screw around with an ecosystem in order to accomplish one thing (get more anadromous fish above the dam) and end up doing something else — changing the water quality, plant content and insect life cycles of an entire tailwater system. Please support the Deschutes River Alliance (www.deschutesriveralliance.org) if you care about things like this, or even if you don’t. And while you are at it, start discussions with whoever you can about the stupidity of introducing a too-large number of apex predators — ospreys — into this same fragile ecosystem. They take way more trout out of this river every year than people do.


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