Be Careful What You Wish For, Mister President

donnie mad

Above: Looks like he’s about to say “Fuck you!”

Here are a series of words that frequently appear in stories about Donnie 45: angry, anger, rage, fury, frustrated, discontented, alienated, isolated, lash out, explode, rant, fume, blame, offend, offensive, dismiss, belittle, attack, assault, undermine, blindside, withdrawn, desperate, complain, rail against, rancor and peeved. There are more, but it’s too disheartening to scan articles looking for them. Lost in all this “fake news” stuff is the fact that someone hired to write about something first observes something and then looks for a word to describe what he/she sees. The words they choose are among those above.  They don’t use the same words they used writing about Obama because they never saw the behavior/events that the words above describe.

June 15: let’s add wrath, obsession and self-destructive. 

I have gone out of my way to read posts of Donnie supporters and things written by people ideologically aligned with 45 and am left with two things:

1.) these alt-right writers and posters are akin to what Frank Zappa said about music journalists — they interview people who can’t talk and then write about it for people who can’t read.

2.) The country put a 45 to its temple and pulled the trigger.

© 2917 Joseph Galligan

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