It’s Money That Matters

If you are reading this, you are probably like me. You gave money to a Democrat somewhere, and then It started. “Time is running out!” “Ossoff needs money by midnight!” “Perez asked you. Carville begged you. Now I’m [Nancy Pelosi] pleading with you.” Kate Brown. Kirsten Gillibrand. Tom Perez. Nancy Pelosi. All the same tone, all the same message, all the same spam flood.

I have been a hardcore Democrat all my life. The only Republican I ever voted for was John McCain in the 2000 Michigan primary, where I crossed over so I could vote against Dubya. But the effect of all this hysterical fundraising spam in my gmail inbox is making me think back to 2016. These same people who are begging me for money are the ones who nominated the only person on earth that Donnie could beat. Sure you need money, but you are up against the Koch brothers, who can out-money the Democratic Party all by themselves. Put another way, I got exactly zero of these emails in 2008 and 2012 even though I gave money to the Democratic Party. Guess who won?

Remind me to donate, but don’t flood my inbox with hysteria because you are part of the reason we have a tangerine orangutan for president. Tell me what you are going to do. Who are you you recruiting to run against Tea Party morons. Why did you oppose Bernie Sanders. Where are you going to spend all this money being pried out of people like me?

By the way, the ACLU sends me printed mail. I know exactly where money I send them is going — to court.

© 2017 Joseph Galligan

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