Saturday Night Live Hits, Misses

This show has largely degenerated into thin, self-referential, smutty material, much like the culture it arises from.  But last year the most accurate depiction of the state of American society in racial terms was “Black Jeopardy” on SNL. The Alec Baldwin Trump impersonation was funny once. It’s become thin, self-referential and smutty in a wink-win kind of way. Kate McKinnon as Hillary playing/singing “Halleluah” was brilliant without calling attention to the fact that it was brilliant.

This bit with Cecily Strong as Stormy Daniels is on a par with Black Jeopardy. “Guess what, America? I’m the hero you deserve right now.” This may be the truest and most insightful statement made about American culture since Donnie 45 won the Republican nomination. John Kasich or Jed Bush or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz the new hero? No, the hero we deserved was Donald Trump. And on the other side, the hero we deserved was Hillary Clinton, the only person on earth Donnie was capable of beating in the general election. So we get the worst person we deserve, the one who bangs a porn actress right after his wife has given birth and then pays the porn star $130k to not talk about it. Stormy did nothing to solicit any of this. She just became an unlikely hero because she is willing to make money having sex on film AND she is making life tough for the most powerful man on earth. A porn star rises to this level thanks to our President and the system that elected him.  Tonight Donnie will give the State of the Union speech and Jimmy Kimmel will interview Stormy Daniels afterward. Watch both and tell me who the ignorant fool is.
And as predicted …

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