Shake Your Money Maker

blazers dancers

The title of this post does not come from me. It comes from a song by blues legend Elmore James covered by Paul Butterfield and George Thorogood, both of whom made far more money off the song than Elmore James ever did, but that’s a different old story.

This story is about the “[Portland] Blazer Dancers,” five of whom from an unknown year are pictured above. Every NBA franchise has an exact clone of the Blazer Dancers … well except for one beginning next year. That one franchise is the San Antonio Spurs. From USA Today: “the NBA team is replacing the all-female squad with a “family-friendly” co-ed ‘hype team.’ The move comes as a number of pro sports teams have been embroiled in controversy surrounding their cheerleading squads, some resulting in official complaints or even lawsuits.”

The Spurs have a coach, Greg Popovich, who speaks eloquently of the degradation of American culture and speaks up for black people, who make up the vast majority of NBA rosters. He has not commented on the demise of the Silver Spurs (who actually had a camp for young girls aspiring to shake their money makers some day!) but if he does, it will be right on.

spurs dancers

If what’s going on in the photo above is the only way to fire you up about what’s going on in the photo below then you don’t really appreciate basketball at its finest and you are actually enabling the exploitation of women, especially pretty young ones who find out that shaking their money makers doesn’t actually get them very much money, which is another old story.


Update 7/26/18:

© 2018 Joseph Galligan

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