Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Are Really Pissed Off and Buddha is Seriously Unhappy


Some time ago I had a conversation about what if American foreign policy were based  on esthetics? U.S Marines would be deployed to protect elephants and rhinos in Africa, for instance.  Here is another example of how that would work. We would form an international coalition to declare Everest closed for 10 years due to the disgusting conditions that exist there and then allow extremely limited access to it after that. A fund would be created  to pay everyone for their lost revenue, especially the Sherpas and other native Nepalese and Tibetans.  The fund would also pay locals to go up there and bring down all the crap (a lot of it actually human crap, not to mention dead bodies).  This would be very respectful to the place on earth closest to what some people call God. It can’t hurt, and it might change the way things are going.

On another subject, the same idea domestically would be to pay coal miners to put the earth back together with the same equipment and knowledge they used to tear it apart with the idea of creating recreation areas that bring tourists and vacationers in.

Update 8/7/18: From the Washington Post

Mount Everest is a ‘fecal time bomb.’ Here’s one man’s idea for handling 14 tons of poop

Build a toilet! Quit shitting all over a holy place.

© 1918 Joseph Galligan

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