Something Related to Something I Posted on Facebook

In reference to the SNL skit Black Jeopardy! I noted on FB that this skit, especially the one with Tom Hanks, is the best thing ever to get at why some well-meaning white people do more harm to black people than good.

Here is a perfect example from the comedian D.L. Hughley. I am not going to use the “n word” here even though I would be quoting him directly.

Hughley says: Some people got upset about the word n—– in Huckleberry Finn. So they went in and changed everywhere it said n—– to “slave.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be called a n—– than a slave. You call me a n—– I won’t like it, but at least I get to go home to my own house. You call me a slave, I gotta go to your house. That’s how that shit works.”

Changing n—– to slave is an ultimate ham-handed action taken by what my father called “do gooders.” Like “My name is Josh/Jason/Olivia/Emily, and I’m here to help you.” You know what? Stop with the help.

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