Who Can Take on Donnie?

A holy trinity of three people, that’s who. Stormy Daniels, LaVar Ball and now Omarosa. How do they succeed where others fail? Because they play Donnie’s game, and they play it just as hard as he does. They have no limits on the extremes they will go to. He can call Omarosa a lowlife and a dog, and she goes, “Here’s a tape of me being offered 15 grand a month to not say what I know about you. Bow wow.” What was she thinking in turning that down? First, fifteen grand is chump change on her horizon and besides, you are all big on when hit, hit back harder. “Well, welcome to the big leagues of hitting hard, you fat fuck,” says the black, female Donnie.


Omarosa Manigault Newman has President Trump unhinged


Yahoo News

© 2018 Joseph Galligan

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