As I Was Saying …

Early calls to presidents of Mexico and Australia — that will make me look bad. On and on to The Wall and the shutdown he said on camera he is proud to own and now blames on Democrats. Because of the existential blind spot Donnie’s “base” has, it will take him being gone and historians looking back to make it clear that running for President and, through a completely unexpected and perfect-storm series of events, being elected President, that this was never about more than his own self-engrandizement and brand-building. The savvy Republicans in Congress knew this from the get-go, but they were willing to put up with his oafish, criminal nature and the incompetent toadies he installed in his Cabinet to get what they wanted. History will not judge them well. A smart historian will see that And Ryan is an anagram of Ayn Rand.

© Joseph Galligan 2019

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