The Mad King: Earlier Post Redux

1/9/19: Some time ago, I posted this:

Here are a series of words that frequently appear in stories about Donnie 45: angry, anger, rage, fury, frustrated, discontented, alienated, isolated, lash out, explode, rant, fume, blame, offend, offensive, dismiss, belittle, attack, assault, undermine, blindside, withdrawn, desperate, complain, rail against, rancor and peeved. There are more, but it’s too disheartening to scan articles looking for them. Lost in all this “fake news” stuff is the fact that someone hired to write about something first observes something and then looks for a word to describe what he/she sees, not the other way around. The words they choose are among those above.  They don’t use the same words they used writing about Obama because they never saw the behavior that the words above describe. 

These words are appearing with even more frequency. Yesterday, it was reported that the “stormed out of” a meeting about: decreasing inspections of food, increasing lack of security at airports, farmers unable to buy seed and fuel, national parks fucked over by some of the citizens they were designed to serve and other problems caused by his petulant (a word I would like to see used more often) demand for a wall. Apparently, some people are OK with the president being pissed off all the time because they are pissed off all the time. Some other people seem to find his whole act (and it is an act) funny. Enjoy it while you can, folks, because your boy is cray cray, and some day those who know this (Republican Senators) are going to have to admit it just to save their own jobs.

© Joseph Galligan 2019

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