And A Great Silence Fell Upon the World

From a work of mine about the future, in progress.  What happens to digi-babble when the unthinkable happens.

Oddly, though, the digital world was largely silent.  No perfect families on vacation in perfect places … no pets doing adorable things … no parents bragging about their disaffected children… no sure-fire cures for sinusitis, tendinitis or tinnitus … no come-ons for CRIU accounts … no clever but self-referential memegrams … no hand-wringing, single-issue screeds … no hagiography, pornography or radiography … no exaltation or condemnation of the latest dieting trend … no elaborate vidstreams about property in the Canadian Northwest Territories … no by-their-nature unsecure calls to make a connection with a company promising IPC security … no dope sickness, home sickness or love sickness … no avatars for people who don’t exist.

© Joseph Galligan 2019

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