The Late, Great Mose Allison Speaks

All of these I hereby direct toward the person playing a part of someone playing the part of President of the United States, who sees “polls” as “ratings,” who sees “is nice to me” as “is devoted unto death to me,” who called burnt-to-the-ground Paradise CA “Pleasure,” who will make the all-ugly Presidents team yet makes fun of the way other people look, who can make hugging a flag look like a still from a porn flick, who has a vocabulary strewn with empty first-grader words such as “nice” and “very,” and who, despite his promises, has watched coal-fired power plants go away, seen tax-rate drops end up as stock buybacks, gotten totally gamed by Kim Jong-un, failed to achieve what he considers border security despite two years of Republicans controlling Congress, seen his “best people” (all appointed to wreck the agencies they were supposed to oversee) leave Cabinet positions, seen a number of people he hired go to prison (with more to come), and, with incompetence never seen before in DC, put Mitch McConnell in a no-win position.

To which Mose said:

Your mind is on vacation, but your mouth is working overtime.

If silence was golden, you couldn’t raise a dime.

You’re just living in a fool’s paradise.

You’re uptight. It ain’t right. Well, tell me something that I don’t know.

Life is short, talk is cheap, don’t go making promises that you can’t keep.

Everybody’s crying ‘justice’ just as long as it’s business first.

Straight ahead. Knock ’em dead. Pack your kit. Choose your hypocrite.

[If invited to meet Donnie] I’ll meet you at no particular place, and I’ll be there at no particular time. You better wear your glasses, in case I’m hard to find. Here’s hoping you can see forward as well as you can see behind.

© Joseph Galligan 2019


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