The Mad King: Earlier Post Redux

1/9/19: Some time ago, I posted this:

Here are a series of words that frequently appear in stories about Donnie 45: angry, anger, rage, fury, frustrated, discontented, alienated, isolated, lash out, explode, rant, fume, blame, offend, offensive, dismiss, belittle, attack, assault, undermine, blindside, withdrawn, desperate, complain, rail against, rancor and peeved. There are more, but it’s too disheartening to scan articles looking for them. Lost in all this “fake news” stuff is the fact that someone hired to write about something first observes something and then looks for a word to describe what he/she sees, not the other way around. The words they choose are among those above.  They don’t use the same words they used writing about Obama because they never saw the behavior that the words above describe. 

These words are appearing with even more frequency. Yesterday, it was reported that the “stormed out of” a meeting about: decreasing inspections of food, increasing lack of security at airports, farmers unable to buy seed and fuel, national parks fucked over by some of the citizens they were designed to serve and other problems caused by his petulant (a word I would like to see used more often) demand for a wall. Apparently, some people are OK with the president being pissed off all the time because they are pissed off all the time. Some other people seem to find his whole act (and it is an act) funny. Enjoy it while you can, folks, because your boy is cray cray, and some day those who know this (Republican Senators) are going to have to admit it just to save their own jobs.

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Well, That’s What They Would Have Said to Me if They Actually Wanted to Talk to Me


So seeing a clip on TV turns into an actual conversation.  Thinking about what he might have said to someone turns into an actual phone call. This reminds me that there are things in my drug-and-alcohol-fueled past that I believe actually happened, but in the cold light of sobriety realize are things I thought should have happened, things that actually happened but not that way or that I simply had dreams about.

As bad as all that is/was, at least I wasn’t President of the United States while it was happening.

© Joseph Galligan 2019

As I Was Saying …

Early calls to presidents of Mexico and Australia — that will make me look bad. On and on to The Wall and the shutdown he said on camera he is proud to own and now blames on Democrats. Because of the existential blind spot Donnie’s “base” has, it will take him being gone and historians looking back to make it clear that running for President and, through a completely unexpected and perfect-storm series of events, being elected President, that this was never about more than his own self-engrandizement and brand-building. The savvy Republicans in Congress knew this from the get-go, but they were willing to put up with his oafish, criminal nature and the incompetent toadies he installed in his Cabinet to get what they wanted. History will not judge them well. A smart historian will see that And Ryan is an anagram of Ayn Rand.

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Oh, and flying is getting problematic …

WaPo 1/4/18: Millions face delayed tax refunds, cuts to food stamps as White House scrambles to deal with shutdown’s consequences

In an earlier post I defined a Republican member of Congress as someone who so wants conservative Supreme Court justices and tax cuts that they are willing to destroy a country in order to get conservative Supreme Court justices and tax cuts. Their ignoble leader in the White House apparently is willing to destroy a country in order to get minimal funding for a border wall, the lack of which will not threaten the nation’s security but will make him look bad. That is ALL he cares about. TSA people can’t afford to go to work. Don’t care. People can’t eat. Don’t care. People are shitting (literally) all over national parks. Don’t care. People won’t get tax refunds as expected. Don’t care. I said there would be a wall, and if there is no wall, then I look bad.

If you find this completely insane, you are not alone. But if you think this insanity will move Donnie’s “base” off its adulation of him, you are wrong. They see something in him that you don’t see. This disparity is not political, it’s existential. A political perfect storm brought Donnie into the White House on a wave of existential chaos. The political goal is to get Donnie outta there; the existential one is to give the base reasons to feel less shitty about their existence. When I figure out what that is, I’ll be sure to let y’all know.

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Who Can Take on Donnie?

A holy trinity of three people, that’s who. Stormy Daniels, LaVar Ball and now Omarosa. How do they succeed where others fail? Because they play Donnie’s game, and they play it just as hard as he does. They have no limits on the extremes they will go to. He can call Omarosa a lowlife and a dog, and she goes, “Here’s a tape of me being offered 15 grand a month to not say what I know about you. Bow wow.” What was she thinking in turning that down? First, fifteen grand is chump change on her horizon and besides, you are all big on when hit, hit back harder. “Well, welcome to the big leagues of hitting hard, you fat fuck,” says the black, female Donnie.


Omarosa Manigault Newman has President Trump unhinged


Yahoo News

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OK So You Hate the Federal Government

So here’s the deal. You do not have to pay any money to the IRS, but:

  • You cannot drive on interstate highways
  • Neither you nor your children can enlist in any branch of the U.S. military
  • If you are on a sinking boat, you cannot be rescued by the Coast Guard
  • You cannot take any medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • You cannot take part in any clinical trial sponsored in any way by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • You cannot receive any medical therapy that is a direct result of NIH research
  • No illness you develop can be reported to the Centers for Disease Control
  • You cannot receive medical care from any doctor who had their medical education paid for in lieu of national service
  • You cannot receive medical care from any health care professional who was trained in the U.S. military
  • You cannot visit any national park, camp in any national forest or enroll in senior discount programs for these locations
  • You cannot lease any land or exploration rights from the Department of the Interior or any other federal agency
  • You cannot buy a house under any Department of Housing and Urban Development program
  • Your funds in bank accounts cannot be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • If you farm, your crops cannot be insured by any U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) program, and you are also not eligible for any USDA subsidy programs
  • If you are having trouble buying enough food, you are not eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also a USDA program
  • If your property is destroyed in a flood, hurricane, earthquake or tornado, you are not eligible for any Federal Emergency Management Agency program
  • You cannot fly on any airplane that is under the jurisdiction of any federal air traffic control agency
  • Even if you could fly on an airplane, you cannot be screened by the Transportation Security Agency
  • If you live near a Superfund site, your property is excluded from remediation by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • If you work in a physically dangerous environment, your particular job in the workplace cannot be protected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If you leave your job, then it can.
  • If you are a veteran, you and no member of your family can receive any benefits or services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Your children cannot be enrolled in any school supported by Department of Education programs, including vouchers for private/charter schools
  • Your college-age students are ineligible for Pell Grants and cannot submit a Federal Student Aid form for any other tuition assistance
  • Your smart phone is not eligible for protection under any Federal Communications Commission program
  • You cannot drive an over-the-road truck because you are not eligible for any Federal Traffic Safety Administration certifications
  • You cannot get a passport from the U.S. Department of State
  • If you are in trouble in a foreign country, you cannot get help from the State Department (except you are unlikely to be in a foreign country because you can’t get a passport)

Enjoy your tax-free life.

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What Donnie Really Thinks

In the news:

Salmon farmers in California fear Trump will destroy their industry

Who cares? I never eat fish.

New warnings about cuts to Social Security and Medicare are a reason to worry

Not for me.

Trump Privately ‘Fearful’ That Don Jr. ‘Wandered Into Legal Jeopardy’: Reports

My son is a good boy. He loves me.

If Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify, legal fight would go to Supreme Court: Trump lawyer

I don’t care about Supreme Court. I stacked it. And I still won’t release my tax returns.

John Kasich: GOP Candidate Said He Didn’t Invite Trump To Ohio Rally

John Kasich is an ugly  loser.

Melania Trump ‘Wasn’t Taking Sides’ In LeBron James and Donald Trump Twitter Feud

After all I’ve done for her.

Kellyanne Conway Says Journalists Not ‘Enemy Of The People’ But Defends Trump’s Attacks

The people are the people at my rallies. They love me. The people who hate me are not the people. The people who love me are the people. Therefore, I am the people.

Barack Obama Turns 57 With Sweet Tributes From Wife Michelle, Justin Timberlake & More

All a bunch of disgusting losers.

Russia names action-movie star Seagal as envoy for US

A real man. I loved all his movies.

Trump rants incoherently on trade then says there is ‘so much happening in space’, during rambling Ohio rally speech

Not a rant! Our highways are crawling with Chinese cars! Disgusting.

Donald Trump Insults LeBron James’ Intelligence on Twitter

How smart can a basketball player be anyway? He never even went to college.

WALL STREET WARNS: Trump’s trade policies could bring the US back to an economic horror from the 1970s

Look what I’ve done for the stock market. They love my tax cuts. The Chinese and Germans would be losers if they weren’t ripping us off. Those Chinese cars make me very, very angry! And I don’t really understand what the big deal about soybeans is.

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