What Donnie Really Thinks

In the news:

Salmon farmers in California fear Trump will destroy their industry

Who cares? I never eat fish.

New warnings about cuts to Social Security and Medicare are a reason to worry

Not for me.

Trump Privately ‘Fearful’ That Don Jr. ‘Wandered Into Legal Jeopardy’: Reports

My son is a good boy. He loves me.

If Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify, legal fight would go to Supreme Court: Trump lawyer

I don’t care about Supreme Court. I stacked it. And I still won’t release my tax returns.

John Kasich: GOP Candidate Said He Didn’t Invite Trump To Ohio Rally

John Kasich is an ugly  loser.

Melania Trump ‘Wasn’t Taking Sides’ In LeBron James and Donald Trump Twitter Feud

After all I’ve done for her.

Kellyanne Conway Says Journalists Not ‘Enemy Of The People’ But Defends Trump’s Attacks

The people are the people at my rallies. They love me. The people who hate me are not the people. The people who love me are the people. Therefore, I am the people.

Barack Obama Turns 57 With Sweet Tributes From Wife Michelle, Justin Timberlake & More

All a bunch of disgusting losers.

Russia names action-movie star Seagal as envoy for US

A real man. I loved all his movies.

Trump rants incoherently on trade then says there is ‘so much happening in space’, during rambling Ohio rally speech

Not a rant! Our highways are crawling with Chinese cars! Disgusting.

Donald Trump Insults LeBron James’ Intelligence on Twitter

How smart can a basketball player be anyway? He never even went to college.

WALL STREET WARNS: Trump’s trade policies could bring the US back to an economic horror from the 1970s

Look what I’ve done for the stock market. They love my tax cuts. The Chinese and Germans would be losers if they weren’t ripping us off. Those Chinese cars make me very, very angry! And I don’t really understand what the big deal about soybeans is.

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Something Related to Something I Posted on Facebook

In reference to the SNL skit Black Jeopardy! I noted on FB that this skit, especially the one with Tom Hanks, is the best thing ever to get at why some well-meaning white people do more harm to black people than good.

Here is a perfect example from the comedian D.L. Hughley. I am not going to use the “n word” here even though I would be quoting him directly.

Hughley says: Some people got upset about the word n—– in Huckleberry Finn. So they went in and changed everywhere it said n—– to “slave.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be called a n—– than a slave. You call me a n—– I won’t like it, but at least I get to go home to my own house. You call me a slave, I gotta go to your house. That’s how that shit works.”

Changing n—– to slave is an ultimate ham-handed action taken by what my father called “do gooders.” Like “My name is Josh/Jason/Olivia/Emily, and I’m here to help you.” You know what? Stop with the help.

The Body vs the Bozo


The supposed antecedent to Donald Trump as President is not really that, given that Ventura had actually been mayor of a large city and actually accomplished things for the average citizen of Minnesota. The primary similarity is neither one expected to win the election. I still maintain that Donnie’s activities with the Russians related to his organized crime syndicate are what is being covered up and why he won’t release income taxes. He screwed all this up when he went and won the election. And now his ego can’t look past the fact that a perfect storm of events put him in the White House.

We can hope another similarity is Donnie won’t run for re-election like The Body did.

Meanwhile, Putin just smiles.

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Taphophobia Unites Humanity


The great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung noted that certain elements of dreams, what he called “archetypes,” are common among the indigenous people of Australia and the Arctic. These people have never interacted culturally, yet their dreams form around these same archetypes. The same is true for the bond-trading bro in Manhattan and the nomadic man in Mongolia. There appears to be these common threads in the human psyche, which I believe are rooted in what is called “junk DNA” (never mind why).

Something else all humans seem to share is an ancient fear of being buried alive (called taphophobia), which explains why there was such a massive, transnational response to the recent discovery and rescue of the soccer team in a cave in Thailand. Every day, a vastly larger number of children are starved, bombed, poisoned and shot to death around the world, to the shrugs of most other humans. But if they are trapped in a cave, that’s different because of taphophobia. (This is not to say that the boys and their coach did not deserve their heroic rescue.)

This common fear also seems to apply to animals. All around the world, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are wandering around lost and disconnected from the human support many need to survive, and again, shrugs from most human quarters. But if a dog or cat or horse or elephant or leopard is trapped in a well, as often happens, the transpolitical or trans-social response is intense. (Search “animal trapped in well” on Google.)

Imagine the difference if all the migrant children taken from their families were trapped in a cave instead of put in baby jails (7/14: numerous editorial cartoons from past week make this same point).

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How to Get Away with Murder

Donnie appears to endorse the following (per his view of Putin and election tampering):

Judge to bailiff:  Bailiff, please tell the court what crime the defendant is charged with.

Bailiff: First degree murder, your honor.

Judge to defendant: So how do you plead to this charge?

Defendant: Not guilty

Judge to defendant’s lawyer:  Mr. _______, I have read all the pre-trial documents, and your client was photographed at the scene of the crime, he had the victims’ blood on his clothes when he was arrested, the murder weapon is registered to him, he posted numerous comments on Facebook that he wanted to kill the victims, and we have statements from his brother and girlfriend that they drove him to the scene of the crime. Are you sure you want your client to plead not guilty and not accept the plea bargain he was offered? If he is found guilty via trial, he could get the death penalty.

Defendant’s lawyer: He says he didn’t do it.

Judge: Well, ok then. Case dismissed.


Update from NY Times 7/16/18:  “I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be” Russia that was responsible for the election hacking, Mr. Trump added. “I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.” Case dismissed.

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